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Invisalign Teen

20 May 2022

, Invisalign TeenWhat is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is the most technically advanced clear aligner system in the world that can straighten growing individuals’ teeth.  Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear aligners to slowly move the teeth using gentle continuous low forces.  In contrast to traditional bracket and wire braces the treatment is planned fully from the very start and the patient can see a comprehensive simulation of how the teeth will look throughout the treatment making small changes at 2 weekly intervals.  Teens will be given 4 aligners at a time and will change these at home usually at around 2 weeks of wear per aligner.  The system is so advanced that with specialist orthodontic planning a broad range of mild to complex treatments can now be provided.  In fact 1.7million Teens have benefited from the system globally to date.

How does Invisalign Teen start?

Teens are seen for an initial assessment to assess suitability for orthodontic treatment and to ensure optimal dental health before embarking on their orthodontic journey.  Full clinical records are collected in a comfortable relaxed manner.  No more do we need to take uncomfortable impressions using putty; a simple digital scan is taken along with photographs and usually a radiograph.  These are then sent digitally to Invisalign and a plan is created jointly with your Orthodontist and the Invisalign Technicians.  Once a plan is established, this will be sent to a preferred email and you will be able to see the treatment from start to finish in digital format.  At this stage you are ready to start your Invisalign Teen Journey.

What advantages are there of Invsialign Teen over traditional fixed wires and braces?

Invisalign Teen fits the Teen lifestyle, it is very convenient and does not disrupt daily activities.  Musical instruments and sports can be played as normal.

Teens can remove the appliances and eat as normal and maintain an optimal oral hygiene regime.  There is significantly less plaque and gingival inflammation seen using Invisalign Teen.

There is not the fear of the wires and brackets breaking and as a result there is on average 1/3 less chair time required for treatment with Invisalign Teen.

In fact there is 80% less emergency appointments required using Invisalign Teen.

This all means less time out of school during those crucial school years.

Teens live in a digital area and this system is fully digitalised which is wonderful for today’s Teens.  They are able to share their progress and planned outcomes with friends and family.

Invisalign Teen is significantly more comfortable and less embarrassing for Teenagers as they navigate this exciting and sometimes tricky period of life.


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